Design Team

Compass Tenders Ltd uses only world leading specialists

Ed Wingate, who trained as a naval architect at Southampton University, has been designing tenders for five years and has been heading up our design process here at Compass Tenders for 3 years. Working closely with the Allseas design team, as well as many other leading design offices in the UK, all our tenders are drawn up from the client’s initial ideas using 3D software. These are then rendered into photo realistic visuals for meetings and client approval. Working closely with the builders at every stage, ensures that all details and procedures are correctly executed.

Allseas Design is an independent marine design company formed by Jim Wilshire and Patrick Banfield who have been working together designing small power boats since 1990.

Jim Wilshire is based in Perth, Western Australia where he has been designing commercial and pleasure craft for over 30 years. In the 80’s he worked for a Perth based designer, with whom he developed a series of fast craft including the chase tenders for the Kookaburra Americas Cup campaign in 1987.

Patrick Banfield qualified in Small Craft Design from Southampton College in 1982. He sailed competitively worldwide from 1982-1990 completing 2 Whitbread round the world races, and an Americas Cup challenge in Perth in 1987.

Jim and Patrick designed a series of custom and semi custom yacht tenders in the early 90’s for Custom Tenders – one of the first companies to design and build bespoke yacht tenders for the then emerging Super-yacht market.

Since 1990, Allseas have designed nearly 200 boats including custom built tenders for many of the world’s largest and most prestigious Super-yachts – ‘Pelorus’ , ‘Octopus’, ‘Rising Sun’, ‘Eclipse’ , ‘Luna’ and many others. Their portfolio includes the iconic Wally Tender and a wide range of commercial craft.

With more than 20 years experience and knowledge of designing and building custom and bespoke yacht tenders and small power boats, they are uniquely qualified and able to provide smart and practical solutions for your tender requirements.

With offices in the UK, the South of France and Perth WA, they are ideally placed to cover a large part of the super-yacht market in Europe and Australasia and can liaise closely with clients during the design stage.

Allseas have collaborated with a number of high profile yacht designers and companies – Tim Heywood, Terry Disdale, Bannenberg & Rowell, Philippe Stark and many others, for whom they have provided services ranging from Naval Architecture to full collaborative design.

Allseas works closely with Compass Tenders with whom they have completed numerous successful projects over the last 5 years. Compass Tenders and Allseas Design are always happy to work with another designer nominated by the client.

Compass Tenders welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with stylists and designers whom our clients may already use for their marine projects.